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The Little Miss Maple Series

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Little Miss Maple Thinks Big by Johanna Sparrow is the delightful story of charming Miss Maple who likes to think big. She envisages herself as a school principal but working in a school which is half day because all kids love having half days. She also sees herself as a lifesaver, a doctor who will allow patients to eat ice cream and jelly beans whether they are sick or not. Her thinking big makes her dream of going to space and becoming a space alien who can fly around the universe in a specially made rocket and help everyone. Miss Maple is waiting for the school bus to go home and she cannot decide what she would like to become. She even thinks of becoming the President. What do her parents advise her?

The concept is encouraging and motivating and will give confidence to young readers to dream big and think big. Johanna Sparrow's portrayal of the character is adorable and real, and readers will be able to relate to her. The illustrations by Ninokyu add to the appeal of the story and make it lively and tangible. It is a good book for tutors and educators to use in classrooms during read-aloud sessions and they can make it interactive by seeing what each child will come up with. It is also a good tool to make children think and focus on one thing. Books like this with a concept are good to introduce to children because it makes it easy for them to understand and put it into practice.

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